Arquitectura e vida

A razão de Peter Zunthor ser um dos arquitectos mais respeitados do mundo. Do seu trabalho ter uma espécie de contenção operativa que vai cativando tudo e todos. A reler, excertos desta entrevista à revista do NY Times:

«He loves to complain that young architects, having come to rely on computers, “don’t know how things are constructed” and have “lost a sense of scale.” His studio is famous for producing the most extravagant models in wax, lead, aluminum and clay, sometimes even full-scale ones, installed so clients can walk through them and so that Zumthor can see how a design holds up after months or years. “It’s all talk these days,” he complained in the car. “Mies van der Rohe and Le Corbusier came from a tradition in which architects still knew how things were made, how to make things well. We should force universities to train carpenters and woodworkers and leather workers. Architects all want to be philosophers or artists now. I’m lucky to have had my education, because in the States, especially, you’ve lost contact with the real business of building.”

“I think the chance of finding beauty is higher if you don’t work on it directly,” Zumthor has said in describing his philosophy. “Beauty in architecture is driven by practicality. This is what you learn from studying the old townscapes of the Swiss farmers. If you do what you should, then at the end there is something, which you can’t explain maybe, but if you are lucky, it has to do with life.”»