Rem Koolhaas na NYRB

A propósito de Rem Koolhaas, um artigo na The New York Review of Books. A não perder. Excerto:

"With his prodigious gift for invention, shrewd understanding of communication techniques, and contagiously optimistic conviction that modern architecture and urban design still possess enormous untapped potential for the transformation of modern life, no master builder since Le Corbusier has offered a more impressive vision for a brighter future than the Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas. To be sure, there are other present-day architects also at the very apex of the profession who do certain things better than he does. Robert Venturi is a finer draftsman and a more elegant writer; Denise Scott Brown has a more empathetic feel for the social interactions that inform good planning; and Frank Gehry displays a sharper eye for sculptural assemblage and a keener instinct for popular taste. But when it comes to sheer conceptual audacity and original thinking about the latent possibilities of the building art, Koolhaas today stands unrivaled."

Foto: © Por OMA, com Arup – publicado na NYRB (Todos os direitos reservados/All rights reserved) - 'Rendering do Edifício da Televisão Central Chinesa em Beijing